Arbuckle Font
As big, round and jolly as a typeface can get, Arbuckle is a set of four fonts that let you use the font alone or with highlights, or if you want, you can style the highlights, contour and font color separately. Pick it up at Phil's.
Ashby Font
This is my very first font family and I gave it away free years ago. I would love to revisit the design today except that it's already spread all over the internets. France's huge department store Galeries Lafayette uses it on everything. 1001 Fonts is a good place to grab it.
Bancroft Font
A happy, smiling serif that makes any thing you write look sweet and innocent. Bancroft includes book, medium and bold weights, with italics and small caps. It's available at Phil's. Clarice Font
Elegant and versitile, Clarice comes in book, medium, bold and black weights with italics and small caps–plus a cool inline for display use. You can find it at Phil's.
Dixon Font
Dixon is sort of a retro mod seventies sans with seven weights ranging from from thin to black. See it in action on the CD covers I designed for Mad & Eddie. Buy it at Phil's.
Elkhorn Font
An outdoorsy rugged face, Elkhorn comes in light, medium, bold and black weights with italics and small caps–plus a special bold drop shadow version. Get hold of it at Phil's.
Fargon Font
Fargon is a sans serif complement to Elkhorn. Same weights, italics, small caps and bold drop shadow and Phil's sells it too.
Gardenia Font
A Renaissance style typeface with four weights, italics, small caps, ornamental drop shadows and inlines. Gardenia is waiting for you now at Phil's.

An evenly weighted Egyptian slab, the Hedonic family contains four weights with italics, small caps and a synchronized two part chisel set. This one you can find at P22.
  Inyo Font
Inyo is a thick/thin Egyptian typeface with a western charm. It comes in light, medium and bold weights with italics, small caps and a special drop shadow. Check out Inyo's cool ornamental border on this flash page. Available exclusively at Phil's.
Joachim Font
With a medieval Spanish/Basque all cap style, Joachim has three weights, swashes, ligatures and lots of alternate characters. Phil's has it.
Kritter Font
Kritter is an ornamental font with twenty-six carefully drawn studies of mythological and symbolic creatures. Look for it at Phil's.
Laconic Font
Laconic is terse design-wise, but chock-full of OpenType features. It comes in light, medium and bold weights–plus a drop shadow display version. And it's FREE at Font Squirrel!
Montclaire Font
Sparcely placed round serifs and a minimalist attitude define Montclaire. The family contains four weights with italics and small caps. Point your cursor at Phil's for a look-see.

An ultimately cool, funky and decorative font style that evokes the popular culture of the 1960s. Hip and groovy uses include signage, invitations and greeting card design. Nudgwink hangs out at P22.
Outgunned Font
Outgunned is a FREE font full of guns. One hundred different graphics each drawn with a ten-year-old boy's morbid facination. Please download them with care from Font Squirrel.
Veggieburger Font
Veggieburger is great for cartoon captions or anything silly and fun. It comes in light, medium and bold weights. And best of all, it's FREE at Font Squirrel!